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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eloise Language

"Slimantucka. You know what that means Mama? It means I'm a great climber."

Eloise has been using her own made up words a lot lately. I don't know what inspires her but I am enjoying this introduction into her imagination, even when I have no idea what she is talking about. Eloise has been using her made up language as she plays, an activity that has suddenly become much more independent. She hosts grand conversations between her Playmobil, dolls and Barbies, making up obscure names and interesting words. She's taken to crawling into the space between our tv console and living room chair with her Playmobil animals and a selection of odds and sods, engaging with her toys and playing quietly for an hour. It's all quite fascinating.

Here is a snippet of Eloise's language:

Mantale - "A good cooker"

Escapoling Margrite Dudy - "Legs in the front"

Gido - "A kind of animal the crawls; it goes 'rar' and wears headbands" 

Naninja - "That's a shadow"

Rainp - "A type of fish that peoples take home and put in a fish tank"

Bainy - "A friend"

Eloise doesn't seem to repeat her invented words more than once, but this just means there is something new brewing in her imagination. With a language like these I'd say we're one step away from Elvish.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eloise Speak: at Three

"Mama, I'm so sad my shadow is gone. I'm going to miss it."

"Oh Mommy, I sure love you. Even when you whine."

"Is Daddy never coming home?" Eloise asked.
"No, he's just working late. He'll come home later when you are asleep," I explained.
"Work when it's dark? Whaaat? That's ridiculous."
"Mom, it's super boring in here."

"Let's just bask in the sun."

"My favourite flavour is pink," Eloise told us.
"What does pink taste like?" we asked.
"Strawberries and guinea pigs."

"Did you grow that baby?" Eloise asked a friend with a new baby.

"Mommy, you're just the best stroller pusher."

"Mama I hear Ralphy barking. He wants me to come to his house. Sorry Ralph, I can't come play, I'm sleeping!"

"Goodnight neighbourhood, Dove! Sleep well!"

"Eloise will you please try your soup?" I requested.
"Okay, okay, I'll try it, Mama. Don't panic."

Friday, February 28, 2014

Eloise Speak

As we round the corner to three Eloise's ability to converse is no longer fragmented and is mostly understandable. She likes to talk on the phone and often asks to call Gaga just to say hi, which I get a kick out of. Beyond this she says all sorts of funny things that give me an indication of the little person she has become. It also gives me an indication that we reallllly need to watch what we say. And as I like to remind our friends, if Eloise drops an eff-bomb anytime soon I am holding them 100% responsible.

This is Eloise Speak, the 2 years, 11 months edition:

Eloise asked Chris as we were cooking dinner the other night: "Do you like beer daddy? I don't. I just like wine. But baby's don't like wine." Can you pick out the good lesson in there? Pregnancy and alcohol don't mix people (unless it's a little glass of champagne... but Eloise doesn't need to repeat that).

When Eloise gets frustrated she now says to me: "I told you 10 times!" Saying this to Mommy is not allowed, Eloise, but it also reminds Mommy not to say it to you. Crap.

As an answer to all sorts of questions Eloise answers, "Perhaps."

"Peace out." This one makes me laugh and more so that it's normally reserved for my brother and complimented with a pound. I just about fell over the first time Eloise said it.

When Eloise is concerned, she'll look at me and say, "That's just terrible." Come to think of it, "I'm very concerned," is another favourite.

"I'm not feeling well good," is what Eloise says when she really doesn't want to do something. What she means to say is she "isn't feeling very well", but her way of explaining is much funnier. Eloise is usually "not feeling well good" when we want her to do things like finish her dinner, get in the bath or generally cooperate.

"So, how was your day?" Eloise asks Chris and I as we sit down to dinner.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sleep Talker

I don't want to say I've given up, but I've given up, and Eloise sleeps in our bed every night. Chris is pretty insistent that she starts in her own bed, since we don't want to send the 'wrong message' (riiight), but I find this whole step pretty useless. No matter what the circumstances are, Eloise's little clock is programmed to come into our room between 11pm and 1am. At least if she is already asleep when we get into bed I don't have to wake up to a crying toddler.

I know what you're thinking, we need to put Eloise back in her own bed, we need boundaries. As I've mentioned here before, we've tried that, we've tried that four, five, six times in one night, but I need my sleep. I've made a rule that Eloise must sleep on her own pillow, that's a boundary, right?

Thankfully Eloise sleeps well in our bed, so we all sleep well, but we're in such close quarters that we've also learned she's quite the sleep talker. Chris and I often catch the end of a 'conversation' when we get into bed and have to stifle our laughter so we don't wake her. Here are some recent snippets:

"Goose is a galaxy girl."
"Armadillos get scared. They roll in a ball."
"My Daddy's not here, he goes to work."
"The monkey wore two band-aids. Then he climbed up the tree."
"Tigers say rarr! Mama I'm not afraid of tigers."
"I don't want dinner, I want Franklin." (Sounds like Eloise dreams in reality.)

Sometimes Eloise's sleep talking makes no sense and other times it's like she's fully awake. At least I know I can count on some laughs when I have to share my side of the bed every night. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smelly Shreddies

This afternoon at nap Eloise was just about asleep when she bolted straight up and looked at me with a wrinkled up nose. "Mama's smelly," she announced. Not entirely surprising since I was (am still) wearing my workout clothes from this morning.

"I'm smelly? What do I smell like, Eloise?" I asked.


Friday, April 12, 2013

More Hoes

There is a backhoe working in the neighbour's yard and Eloise is transfixed. She loves vehicles of every kind - cars, buses, the recycling truck, semis on the highway - and the fact that there is a construction vehicle working right next door is just too exciting.

We went outside to have a look and I explained that the vehicle was called a backhoe. Eloise is running around the house now yelling, "I want the hoe! More hoes!"

We just poked our heads out for another peek and she greeted the backhoe driver with a very loud, "Hey hoe!" If only she knew...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Eloise Speak

Rhis [r'iss]
1. A horned animal found in Africa & some parts of Asia.
2. Otherwise known as a Rhinoceros.
3. "Mama, I see Rhis."

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Eloise Speak

As Eloise creeps closer to two the phrases that come out of her mouth get better and better. Real sentences too, though sometimes these are impossible to understand by people other than Chris and I. Mostly they make me laugh, but sometimes they serve as a reminder that we really do need to watch every word we say.

Some of my favourites to date were uttered today:

"Mama wake up! Mommy's tired, have coffee?" How perceptive. Mommy is tired, Eloise, and I do need coffee. Can you make it?

"I naked! I bouncing naked!" Doesn't need much of a description, but I assure you this is an 'at home' activity only. Beds make good trampolines.

"I love pink." Me too, girlfriend.

"Go back, Mama. I find Nemo," Eloise said as we strolled an aisle at Dollarama. She did find Nemo ... that sneaky fish was hiding on the cover of a book that somehow made its way into our cart.

"Hi, girls!" said Eloise to a Mom and her little girl walking into Michaels. She then proceeded to follow the very shy little girl around saying, "Hi friend."

"Uh, never mind" and "Whatever." These are said with a scoff and therefore fit into the 'watch what I say' category.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birfday

It must be because birthdays are plentiful amongst our family and friends in the first quarter of the year, but Eloise has taken to listing off enthusiastic happy birthdays to a good selection of her favourite people, at very random times like before she goes to sleep, when she's eating lunch and in the car.

In Eloise's own words:

"Happy birfday Chance. Happy birfday Fwy. Happy Birfday Aunty Twacy. Happy Birfday Amph. Happy birfday Nanny. Happy birfday Unky T. Happy birfday Steve. Happy birfday Wuby."

Don't be offended if your name was not included, there's always next quarter.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Eloise Speak

Peeps [pë'pz]
1. Soft, plush, stuffed animals, perfect for snugging.
2. Invented by Molly: "Eloise, let's play with our peeps."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eloise Speak

Eloise often comes out with words that we have to listen to a few times to figure out; her very own interpretation of something she has heard us say. When she says these words they sound quite funny, are always cute and definitely in need of definition. It's Eloise Speak.

Snugging [s'nûg-ing]
1. To curl up close and hug.
2. A combination of hugging and snuggles: "Eloise is snugging Gaga."